Energy Efficiency

Rife International, LLC supports corporate responsibility (CR), energy cost reduction, and sustainability agendas. We have partnered with energy efficiency specialists in the field to provide advice and solutions at every stage of an energy conservation or renewable energy project.

Our sustainable energy solutions were developed to help protect the environment while cost effectively meeting the energy needs of our clients. Rife International, LLC offers comprehensive energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy solutions including:

  • Building Energy Audits
  • Energy & Utilities Management
  • Building Retrofits
  • Lighting & HVAC Upgrades
  • Renewable Energy
  • Data Center Support Services


  • 541690 Energy Consulting
  • 238210 Electrical and Lighting
  • 238220 HVAC Services
  • 237130 Renewable Energy
  • 811212 Office Machine Repair and Maintenance

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