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RIFE International is a globally-focused energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable construction solutions provider based in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We provide solutions that impact Governments, Institutions and private industry in ways that optimize efficiency, mission-fulfillment, profitability and growth.

Our clients turn to us for innovative energy and construction solutions that positively impact both the environment and their bottom line. From energy retrofits to construction management and engineering to sustainable development/design, our team is a reliable source for completing projects on time, safely, within budget, and with a strong ROI. As an SBA 8(a) and Maryland MDOT/MBE-certified contractor with deep experience managing Indefinite Delivery–Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) and job order contracts (JOC), RIFE has the capability and knowledge to deliver the savings your organization needs to achieve its mission.

RIFE’s core values are integrity, accountability, consistency, innovation, growth, and respect. That said, we believe that for each dynamic solution and value-engineered project we deliver, we take an important step toward improving the environmental and economic welfare for people and organizations across the globe.

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RIFE International is a business enterprise that holds various certifications on the federal, state, and local levels. We are dedicated to supporting our clients’ and partners strategic, competitive and diversity initiatives. Our certifications include:

  • SBA 8(a) Certification
  • Washington Metro Area Transit Authority DBE
  • Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority DBE
  • Montgomery County LSBRP/ MFD

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