1000 Person Assembly Hall and 5kW Rooftop Solar Grid System in Ghana

RIFE International collaborates with the Brothers of Holy Cross to provide a comprehensive renewable energy infrastructure solution for their missions in West Africa. 

As part of RIFE International’s mission to improve the living conditions of people around the globe, the African division of Energy and Construction services recently collaborated with Brothers of Holy Cross and Daughters of Charity in Ghana to construct an assembly hall complete with a 5kW solar rooftop system with battery storage. This work supports the mission of Catholic charity to provide quality education to children in Ghana by ensuring a safe environment with access to reliable and sustainable power. 

Project Details: 

This sustainable construction project was designed to incorporate energy efficient lighting and on-site energy generation. The 1000 seat multipurpose assembly hall is powered by a 5kW rooftop solar grid-tied system with battery storage. The use of solar energy and battery backup ensures 24hr continuous power for the building which meets the school’s goals of sustainability, access to reliable power and drastically lowering energy bills.  

About the Client: 

The Brothers of Holy Cross are members of an international congregation of Catholic religious brothers and priests whose core mission is to make a difference in the world by transforming communities. They have been pivotal in enabling access to portable drinking water across rural communities in Ghana and are now focused on reliable power with the opportunities that solar provides. 

Client Testimonial: 

“Coming to Ghana, my challenge was how to go about building a new school, in a new village with zero connections. Sister Mary Labbe in Michigan recommended RIFE International. RIFE has been a great asset on this project ensuring works were completed according to design, schedule and most importantly according to budget. The new facility will go a long way to aid in the day-to-day operations of the school, providing staff and student energy savings and peace of mind.”  

Brother Francis – Brothers of Holy Cross 

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City of Baltimore Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The City of Baltimore is committed to improving energy efficiency in government owned buildings and public spaces. As part of the Baltimore Energy Initiative Program, this project was issued to address energy efficiency challenges in selected buildings in the city which have deteriorated over the years.

This project is part of various renovation works at Baltimore’s water filtration plants, the Maryland Zoo and 1200 E. Fayette Street. Scope of the project included energy audits, lighting upgrade, lighting sensor installations and other energy retrofits for 5 facilities across the City. All these projects have generated great energy savings, improved energy security and reduced Green House Gas (GHG) emissions in the City of Baltimore.

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