A Rare Blend of Energy Efficiency Expertise and Sustainable Construction Know-how

Rife Services

Federal, state and local governments, as well as many private sector companies, are seeking new avenues for energy efficiency that generate facility cost savings. Whether they’re looking for quick wins like energy audits and efficient lighting upgrades or more complex projects like complete facility green energy retrofits or renewable energy installs and construction services, there are a host of firms from which to choose.

Often, government and commercial enterprises need to contract construction separate from energy audits and renewable energy installs from lighting upgrades. It’s difficult to find a reliable and comprehensive resource from a single, qualified vendor.

Very few companies skillfully blend the very best of energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable construction in one place. RIFE International is such a company.

“We are a one-stop-shop for anything that governments and private-sector companies need when it comes to energy and sustainable constructions solutions,” stated Bill Sharp, RIFE’s procurement manager.

“They can turn to us to solve any problem and we have the expertise to not only deliver energy efficiency, but we also understand and can see the bigger picture, namely how a particular solution or lack thereof can impact the entire facility’s performance in the immediate future and across the building’s lifecycle.”

On the energy efficiency side, RIFE provides energy audits, energy/utilities management, whole building retrofits, lighting and HVAC upgrades and more. RIFE has also executed renewable energy projects like integrating solar into a facility’s energy resource portfolio.

On the government side, RIFE has built a strong relationship with the Smithsonian Institution, for example, by solving some of its most intractable and challenging projects. At its core, the RIFE team is comprised of master problems solvers, whether that’s finding new ways for a government agency to save on energy costs or delivering unique and difficult tasks like installing the world’s only remaining Tunnel Fan in the National Air and Space Museum.

“Every member of our team really gets excited about problem solving. The harder the better. It’s something we do very well and a value-add we bring to the table for our partners,” said Allen Kennedy, Electric Division Manager.

“We bring the best of energy efficiency and renewable energy skill with a deep understanding of construction management and sustainable and smart building best practices. You no longer have to contract these projects out to separate companies. We provide a tailored, seamless and value-driven customer experience. One source to drive savings and better performance.”

Smart and sustainable building best practices guide RIFE’s process at all levels of the organization. RIFE can develop sustainable building designs, render architectural and engineering services and provide general contracting and construction management project oversight.

For commercial clients like Leisure World, a Washington D.C. area active adult community, or a Bank of America contractor, partnering with RIFE provided them with the peace of mind that they were working with a firm that understands the big picture and manages their project from this point of strength. Knowing how a change in your HVAC system, for example, can impact other seemingly unrelated elements of your facility is invaluable when it comes to explaining, managing and executing energy efficiency solutions, or any sustainable construction project for that matter. Conducting an energy audit is one thing; being able to explain how that audit can be executed to maximize value and reduce disruption to operations is wholly another. That’s one of many things RIFE can bring to the table for commercial, government and institutional clients.

Don Collins, Renovation and Inspection Specialist, Montgomery County Division of Facilities Management, worked closely with the RIFE team and had this to say about their project performance: “We are pleased with the performance of…RIFE International. They rendered a stellar performance at our Emergency Communication Center (ECC)…The Montgomery County Department of General Services is very appreciative for the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by…the staff at RIFE International. RIFE International acknowledged our emergency and made it their own. All departments involved in the UPS project at the ECC expressed commendation for the diligence demonstrated.”

RIFE takes great pride in helping its partners get the most out of the resources they have at hand before they make any premature major capital investments in their facility infrastructure. The team understands strong performance is really about balancing practicality and creativity while always keeping the client’s most pressing needs top of mind and delivering to their goals.

“Our goal is to save our partners money by creating greener, smarter and more efficient offices, buildings and large facilities. These savings can help fuel an agency’s global mission to reduce poverty or provide a private-sector enterprise the revenue to hire or develop a life altering innovation,” said Kwabena Osei-Sarpong, founder, president and CEO of RIFE.

“We provide our partners with sustainable savings that are reinvested back into their organization. This process helps maintain healthy, thriving communities and protects the environment at the same time.”

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