City Of Baltimore MD Street lighting Upgrades

RIFE International as part of its mission to assist government institutions save money by implementing energy efficiency best practices is assisting the City of Baltimore create a brighter, safer and smarter city by improving lighting in Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

This project is part of the City’s effort to reduce energy consumption, improve security and the quality of life of residents in the city under the ‘B more Bright’ initiative. The project also lays the groundwork for Baltimore in becoming a “smart city”, by using technological innovations to improve the quality of life for Baltimore residents.

RIFE collaborated with Johnson Controls in the execution of the energy upgrades across the city and this is what they had to say “The Intelligent Lighting Infrastructure team would like to thank RIFE International for their support in making the City of Baltimore’s, “B’More Bright” project a huge success. Looking forward to working with RIFE again in the near future.” – Peter DiLecce, Johnson Controls Inc.

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