RIFE International Brings Energy Monitoring Technology For Buildings/Facilities To Ghana

Energy Monitoring In Ghana

RIFE International installed energy monitoring technology – Smart Tile in two facilities in Ghana –  A Processing plant for a leading provider of quality food products in the Greater Accra region, and the campus of Ghana’s leading private university in the Eastern Region.

The Smart Tile tracks real-time energy consumption in facilities/buildings through sensors and the main unit that is connected to an online dashboard where the consumption can be monitored remotely via any device with internet connectivity.

“The technology is of interest to these facilities because it enables them to monitor their energy consumption in different parts of their facility as well as the various components that constitute their energy consumptions,  through the online platform which can be accessed remotely,” Kwabena Osei-Sarpong, CEO of RIFE, said. “It also stores historical energy data which helps to inform energy efficient and other energy improvement decisions to lower [the] amount of energy used and hence reduce utility bills.”

In tandem with the battery technology that supports and stores solar energy, the Smart Tile also has the ability to manage facility energy consumption as it is able to record consumption during peak periods and supplement excess peak energy needed by deploying stored battery power which helps lower demand charges.

“Integrating this technology with solar PV enables the combined solution of reducing the peak power usage that drives demand charges for facilities, whiles improving energy savings by automatically switching between energy storage and generation (PV), during different times of the day according to the consumption pattern or energy generation,” Osei-Sarpong said.   

The Smart Tile’s energy efficient technology is easily adaptable in other parts of Africa in need of Energy efficiency solutions. RIFE plans to expand Smart Tile to multi-family housing, mixed-use facilities, hotels, and offices in Ghana and other African countries.

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