A comprehensive renewable energy infrastructure solution in Ghana.

RIFE International offers a comprehensive sustainable construction solution to champion quality affordable education in Ghana. 

As part of RIFE International’s mission to improve the living conditions of people around the globe, the African division of the Energy and Construction services company recently collaborated with Brothers of Holy Cross in Ghana to design and build a multi-purpose assembly hall facility fully powered by solar energy. This work supports the mission of the non-profit organization to provide quality education to children in Africa by ensuring a safe learning environment with access to reliable power.   

Why this Project is Important: 

In the rural landscape of Ghana many residents do not have access to reliable power sources. While many people in the world take accessible power for granted, many others struggle daily to meet basic needs as a result of not having electricity. Again, a wholistic construction approach is imperative in ensuring that properties are constructed to be energy efficient and sustainable for the purposes for which they were built. The impacts of this project are extensive. RIFE is proud to partner with non-profits and other organizations focused on socially good projects to improve the living conditions of people around the world. 

Project Details:  

This project is a turnkey design build construction located in Budumburam in the Central Region of Ghana. RIFE provided services including site preparation, architectural, civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, engineering and plumbing (MEP), solar energy generation, battery storage services and construction management. 

 The 1000-seater multi-purpose hall is luminated with energy efficient LED lights powered by on-site solar generation and battery storage system. This energy solution ensures around the clock access to power for the facility which meets the school’s goals of access to reliable power, reduced electricity cost, and overall sustainability.  

About the Client:  

The Brothers of Holy Cross are members of the International congregation of Catholic religious brothers and priests whose core mission is to make a difference in the world by transforming communities. They have been pivotal in enabling access to portable drinking water across rural communities in Ghana, education and access to reliable power.  

Client Testimonial:  

“Coming to Ghana, my challenge was how to go about building a new school, in a new village with zero connections. Sister Mary Labbe in Michigan recommended RIFE International. RIFE has been a great asset on this project ensuring works were completed according to design, schedule and most importantly according to budget. The new facility will go a long way to aid in the day-to-day operations of the school, providing staff and student access to reliable power and peace of mind.”   

Brother Francis – C.S.C Br. Francis Gary Boylan, International Projects 

You can find the full recap of this project on RIFEs YouTube Channel below;



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